Geothermal heat pump installation is a nightmare

My geothermal heat pump installation has been a nightmare.

I first had to get rid of my old HVAC unit.

The HVAC company had to rip out the existing equipment and remove the air ducts. I told them to get rid of the ductwork and I would patch anything they left behind. I should have researched on how they remove air ducts. I thought my house was going to fall down. The walls and ceiling were totally shot. I had to re-drywall, mud and paint again. The clean up was a mess and my house still feels dirty. Next, the actual heat pump install is going terrible. The indoor air handler for the system was easy. Just an hour of work and it is non invasive in the home. The real pain is the outdoor air compressor. The HVAC professional needed to bury the system underground so it can work geothermally. The company I hired is not capable of doing the digging. I had to hire out another service to create a large hole in my ground that the vertical loop system for the heat pump can go in. Coordinating with the digging company and HVAC guy was a pain. I had to get it dug, the heat pump installed and the dirt put back over top. You would swear I was coordinating a complicated dance routine. It took forever and cost so much money. The process is still on going and I am still without HVAC. I am getting to the point that I don’t even want my geothermal heat pump system anymore.

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