High school gym teacher

As a high school gym teacher, I understand how far some students are willing to go to get out of class.

I have had students try every play in the book to get out of gym class, but there is one student who will always stick out in my mind.

One day, this student had the bright idea to break the air conditioner to get out of class. It was pretty hot outside, and the AC unit was already having some trouble running. As a school rule, if the AC unit or furnace is broken, then students have the option to sit out of gym class. The school doesn’t want any liability if students are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. This student of mine, unknown to me, decided to throw a baseball into the ductwork of the air conditioner. The air conditioner was making some strange sounds for a while and then stopped working all together. I had some students from the HVAC program come check it out, and they told me they weren’t sure what was wrong with the AC unit. I knew they were just HVAC students, so I called over their instructor. He checked the air filters and the fans before finding the baseball. He said there was no way somebody accidentally ruined the air conditioner, so I knew there had to have been some foul play. I sat everybody down and interrogated them about the AC unit, after all it was school property. I didn’t really care, but I wanted to know which student was clever enough to stall the AC unit without actually damaging it.


Cooling expert