I own many things, but few equate in worth to my HVAC system

One of my absolute favorite things about this new house of mine would be how powerful the cooling system is.

Seeing as I did have to fork over quite the chunk of change for this Heating and A/C unit, it had better do the job well! I fuss over keeping it thoroughly cleansed, functioning at peak condition, and ready to go in a moment’s notice on extreme heating or cooling! Look, I want to protect the investment, and I also want it to provide some cooling and heating as rapidly and as effectively as it can! I usually prefer using the cooling system in the evening time more than any other, as the blast of cool air and sounds of the unit working are like a lullaby. Those things put me to sleep in no time! The only thing is, it’s now difficult for me to sleep without the benefit of a cooling system – or even the sound. Those few times when I have experienced a power outage, I wanted to just die from how poorly I slept! That’s why there’s only one thing that I dread when storm season rolls around – losing power and subsequently, the cooling! Perhaps, it wouldn’t be so exhausting if it wasn’t so hot and humid where I live. Seriously, I’m not joking! One should not try to live here without a fantastic cooling system at their disposal. That’s why I bought the best one I could find – It could be 100 degrees outside, with the humidity index practically off the chart. It doesn’t matter to me, because I’ll stay cool and comfortable no matter what!

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