I'm sad about strange stinks coming from our air conditioner

I love charming smells. I love burning candles, incense, in addition to sage leaves in our cabin in addition to letting the scents circulate through our air conditioner to fill every room in our cabin at once. The best source of pleasant smells is cooking delectable foods. Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread cooking in the oven, short of cake or some other mouthwatering dessert. Even the smell of sauteed peppers in addition to garlic brings comfort to our mind. So with that said, I was naturally disturbed when I started smelling strange stinks coming from our air conditioner vents. I scoured our cabin looking for anything that could produce foul stinks—like garbage cans, sink cottageets, bathroom drains, in addition to anywhere close enough to an air register to get pulled in by the air conditioner. I found actually nothing that could produce the stink I was smelling in our air. I called our HVAC company to inspect the entire plan for clues. The great news is she found the source of the smell within hours of starting her inspection. The exhausting news is that the source of the stink is a mold contaminated evaporator coil. She explained that this necessitated swift action however was otherwise normal in our weather conditions. The effect of freezing in addition to defrosting creates ample amounts of water, some of which isn’t caught by the condensate drip pan. This additional moisture can in the right conditions grow mold in addition to mildew. Thankfully, she carries a special antimicrobial in addition to antifungal aerosol spray made recognizably for evaporator coils. It even works on dehumidifiers for the same purpose. After she cleaned our air handler with her spray, our cabin is finally rid of that stink.


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