Is there such a thing as too much air conditioning when you live in the south? Nope!

I am aware that we have a whole lot to be grateful for in this great country of ours, from the medicine and technology to the booming economy.

We have so much advanced equipment that we can use for any variety of situations.

Just look at how we are able to beat off intense temperature and the elements of the outside world! Within the buildings that we construct, we have this advanced Heating and A/C technology to keep each facility as comfortable and inviting as possible. It is such a marvelous thing to create your own weather conditions within your home! In some cases, you can manipulate the temperature and the humidity levels simultaneously. How cool is that? This is all so very amazing, I know – but sometimes, I believe heating and air conditioning systems can be abused. I live in a rather hot area of the country too, so I can understand when people want cool air and plenty of it in their home! Despite the demand, many companies and residences here will overdo it – well, as far as a northerner would see. Any fast food joint will have the air vents blasting frigid air into the dining room. If I walk into any mall in the country, it is the same way! And frankly, it’s really something how they can make a shopping mall so cool. I wonder how much these businesses could put back in their pockets if they turned the temperature down by even two or three notches!
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