It's finally time to replace my air conditioning unit

I think it’s time to put my old air conditioning unit out to pasture.

My A/C unit barely made it through the last summer.

My HVAC technician warned me two summers ago that it was time to replace my air conditioning unit. It has held out thus far, but I think it’s time to take his advice. I’ve been needing more maintenance visits than usual anyway. Last Summer, the HVAC man had to come out at least two more times after the initial maintenance prep for the summer. Trying to keep this old A/C running is no longer cost-effective, that’s for sure. I’ve been told that the average lifespan for an air conditioning unit is 15 to 20 years. This past month I reach 22 years. That is almost a point of pride for me, but I don’t want to push my luck any longer. The question is, what kind of new air conditioning unit do I want to go with? Do I want some snazzy new technology or run-of-the-mill stuff that just gets me by? To be honest, I don’t know much about the differences between air conditioning unit so I will probably consult my HVAC technician. I’m sure he will come up with the best solution for a new A/C. I’ve been working with the same HVAC company ever since I bought this house 10 years ago, and they have never steered me wrong when it comes to HVAC needs. Yes, the air conditioning unit was already twelve years old when I bought this house, and it’s my HVAC company‚Äôs service that kept it alive all this time.

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