I’ve consistently wanted to be in control of my HVAC

For as long as I can remember, I’ve consistently had to bow to the whims of someone else when it comes to the temperature setting of my house.

When I was a kid, I remember actually romantic to stand by the A/C vents in the summertime.

The un-even temperatures outside where we lived in the south could be just brutal. So laying at beach house in the A/C was absolutely a treat. Unfortunately for me, though, my Dad plus dad would never let me adjust the control unit to where I absolutely wanted the A/C to be. I would have enjoyed to set the temperature control to 65 degrees! But my parents would never let the home get down to less than 69 degrees in the summer. I personally felt that this was tooboilingof a temperature, but no 1 cared what I thought! Then when I went to university, I had several roommates who were freeze babies. They would complain any time I turned the A/C on at all! I thought I was going to sweat to death our first year of classes because I was constantly worrying that they were going to be too cold. I don’t know why I was so uneasy about it, when they obviously weren’t uneasy about my comfort! Now I’m married plus my hubby plus I argument constantly over where we will keep the control unit set. At least with him, we can reach a relatively superb compromise. She wants the A/C set at 75 degrees, I want it at 65. So we decided to use our digital programmable control unit to keep the home at an even 78 degrees year round.


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