Making a compromise for temperature control needs

My husband Tad & I understand that in our case, opposites had indeed been attracted to 1 another.

  • I want spicy foods, & he wants to eat sweet foods.

I really enjoy sports, & Tad really wants to just read. I watch romance films, & Tad watches horror films. I want to exercise each day, & Tad definitely will never exercise! However, since we have been married for a few months, 1 of the greatest causes of issues in our marriage is our different control component preferences. My husband Tad is real thin, & he becomes frosty genuinely easily. Tad consistently craves having the heating plan running, & if it were up to my man, we wouldn’t get a option to turn it off until the middle of Springtime! On the other end of it though, if I were to have my way, we would never turn the heating plan on, even during cold season. During a month that I could feel even a hint of warmth, we would be running the a/c! It has absolutely gotten to the stage where we both change the setting of the control component throughout the afternoon to our own preferences. When we catch the other doing it, it causes a shouting match to rival all. A buddy of mine suggested getting a zone controlled control unit. In order to solve this Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C issue, my husband & I created our own separate relaxation areas in the house & set up our number one Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C component to keep us comfortable. While we rest at night, we keep the a/c on, however we bought a heated sheet that allows us to only heat the one side of the bed.
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