My cute old fashioned grandmother

My Grandmother is so adorable and so really old fashioned.

She is in her eighties and refuses to buy a cellphone or to learn how to use a computer.

She does everything, literally, by the book. She uses telephone books to find numbers of companies she needs or wants to call. She also refuses to get a HVAC unit installed in her home. She has one of those big, old, and noisy air conditioner window units. While it is in the Summer, she cranks that up and accompanies it with one of those sizable portable fans that she attached streamers to it so that you can see the air blowing from it. She says that she is just fine with it, but she does admit that she wants it could be cooler in her apartment in the summertime like her doctor’s offices are. So this year, for her birthday, we all decided to surprise her with an HVAC upgrade in her home, we got her friends in on our plan to keep her away at bingo at the casino hotel for a few days while the HVAC tech tested the cooling and heating system at her house. Then I let her friends know when it was safe to return, and my Grandmother was so happy and surprised when she saw her smart thermostat and was able to hear the soft hum of her air conditioner when it was turned on. After that, she decided that she would learn to use a computer and try to keep up with the times, especially if it would bring her relief just like this contraption! I love my Grandmother.

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