New places, fresh climates, and a relaxing break from the relentless heat!

Working at the college as a professor, sometimes you have to attend seminars to keep yourself up to date with the curriculum. I decided to go to the one being held up north this past year. I flew up rather than make the long drive. I’ve never flown before, so this was quite the experience! It was very exhilarating. The seminar I went to was held at the start of the summertime, which I was happy about since there’s usually piles of snow for the other season of the year. Even though it was summer, the weather was still a whole lot cooler than I was expecting. I’m used to sweating due to the heat and humidity and needing to use an air conditioner all the time.I didn’t even need air conditioning at the hotel, though it was available. It never really got hotter than 70 degrees during my stay. At night, the temperature dipped into the high forties at times, so I certainly did not need the cooling system then. This was the best weather I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. I definitely wanted to live there, but had to remind myself that the rest of the year was not as comfortable as this. The weather was ultimately delightful, and there was practically no need for air conditioning. Maybe I’ll come back up here next during the summer months so I can experience the cool and delightful weather, once more.

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