Our Old van Doesn’t Have AC

My spouse and I live in the middle of nowhere… Every one of us are ranches, and the two of us own over several hundred acres of land, i would not trade my life for anything, however my spouse and I work together all afternoon every afternoon doing what the two of us love to do.

Every one of us are not as young and spry as the two of us once were, so it has been quite a challenge keeping up with all the work of the ranch, however our several sons help us a lot, and the two of us absolutely appreciate it.

Every one of us only have several work trucks. One of them is a relatively modern vehicle that I usually drive, and the other one is an old clunker that my spouse drives around the property, but sadly, I hit a deer with my modern truck last week, so I have had to drive the old clunker that does not have air conditioner, and when I was younger, I did not care if the vehicle that I drove had air conditioner or not, however now that I am older, I particularly do care! I assume appreciate cold the snowman in the middle of a desert when I drive that old truck throughout the afternoon. My spouse is a good mechanic, so she is trying her best to get my truck fixed as soon as possible, and there is a lot to maintenance though, and she is waiting on a few parts to come in. I cannot wait to have my truck back with its glorious air conditioner. Until that time, I wired a fan and ran it to the ceiling of the truck so that I could have constant air blowing on me while in the afternoon. It has helped a lot, however it is nothing appreciate having air conditioner.

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