Praise be to God for the new heating system in church!

I would say that I’m usually faithful about going to mass every Sunday.

I prefer our church community to others, as some of my best friends attend this church as well.

I would say that the church is not very small compared to others in the city, but it’s small-ish. Every one of us has a wide variety of age groups in each mass, as the numbers grow each day through community outreach. There is a core of church members that are faithful to come out every Sunday no matter what, and that’s been the case for decades! However, the Winter weather is the hardest on us when it comes to being able hold fast to this commitment. Since we all had to rely on our outdated oil heating system to keep us warm in colder services, it doesn’t take much to knock out the heating system. In fact, a couple weeks into last winter, the oil heating system did just that – it gave out on us! Having known that the forecast called for more harsh winter weather each day, we knew it was only going to get worse from there. In turn, an emergency offering was gathered to get the heating system up and running. We all missed about a month of services while funds were being raised for a new heating system! It was finally installed, and the new heating system was a thing of beauty. I guess we had all gotten used to the exhausting quality of the outdated oil heating system! I say that because the gas heating system made the church feel much more comfortable without reducing the indoor air quality.

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