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Vacations are few as well as far between with our family, so when every one of us do get to go on a family trip, every one of us go all out. The reason every one of us cannot go on trip once a year is because of my partner’s business. The only nice thing about this is that because every one of us do not get a trip once a year when every one of us do get trip time, it is usually for at least three weeks. My partner as well as I still have more than one children at home, as well as they appreciate to come on trips with us. All of us particularly just returned from our first trip in three years. All of us were away for multiple as well as a half weeks. It was the best trip yet. All of us did face some air conditioning challenges on the way there though. All of us took our large, fifteen passenger van in order to fit the multiple of us as wells as all of our stuff for over a months stay. The air conditioning in the van did wonderful for the drive on the way there, however the second day of trip the air conditioning in the van stopped working. My partner tried charging it, however he found a leak in the line, so it was no use. All of us thought about taking the van to a mechanic as well as having the air conditioning line updated, however it would have been more high-priced than what every one of us decided to do as well as that was rent a vehicle. All of us rented a vehicle for the first three weeks, as well as my partner as well as kid worked to update the air conditioning line themselves which was hundreds of dollars cheaper than taking it to a mechanic. In the end, my partner as well as kid fixed the air conditioning in our van for our final week of trip, as well as every one of us saved a lot of currency.

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