Road trips would be the worst without good tunes, good snacks and working A/C

Make fun of me if you want, but I am so proud of my vehicle.

  • It’s a workhorse, I tell ya! I recently made a trip that was practically from one end of the country to the other.

Most would just fly, but I drove the whole way! I had to get some extended repairs done beforehand, along with many preventive actions to make sure the old pick-up truck could handle the trip. Once everything was all squared away, I thoroughly tested every aspect of the vehicle to make sure it was ready to go! So what was my verdict? Well, it was pretty nice with gas for most of the trip, but the heating and A/C was the best part! Having these basic things in order was essential – the trip would’ve been awful without it. The temperature controls worked well throughout the entire trip, and not once did I experienced any breakdown. Despite a wide array of temperatures during the drive, it held up! It was hot and dry at times, so I needed to crank up the cooling system. It was also cold and rainy, so I needed the benefits that come with the heating system. I ran through every climate this country can throw at me, and here I and my car stood! The faithful temperature control system held strong through the entire trip. I was relieved at how comfortable I remained throughout the entire drive, even through the most severe temperatures. Just goes to show you – keep your car in great condition, and it will pay you back in spades.
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