School air quality making the kids sick

I work as a nurse for the local elementary school.

Everybody wants to know why the kids all get sick in the winter.

The principal is all up in arms over the long list of absent kids over the cold season. I know the answer and no one will do anything about it. The simple reason is that the indoor air quality is poor. The kids have weaker immune systems than adults. So the teachers can handle a little dust in the air quality, but the students get sick from it. It all starts with headaches and then changes to fatigue and becomes a full on cold. To fix the indoor air quality being dirty, the school needs to pay for ductwork cleaning. Every five years a HVAC system should have duct cleaning done to it. A HVAC contractor simply comes in with a giant scrub brush and goes to town. The school also could spring for an air purification system afterwards. The air purifier would install right into the heater and AC system. As the HVAC provides the temperature controlled air, the air cleaner would freshen that air. The kids would feel better and so would the teachers. The principal and school board won’t approve of the air purifier or the ductwork cleaning appointment. There is nothing more I can do for the kids. It is literally the school that is making them sick. The ductwork cleaning appointment can’t be that much money. There are cheaper air purifiers on the market too. We really couldn’t spare that money for our kids?


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