taking charge of the temperature control in our house

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had to bow to the whims of someone else when it comes to the temperature setting of our house.

When I was a kid, I remember definitely loving to stand by the air conditioning vents in the summertime.

The temperatures outside where the two of us lived in the south could be just brutal. So sitting at home in the A/C was definitely a treat, however unfortunately for me, though, our mom & dad would never let me adjust the temperature control to where I definitely wanted the A/C to be. I would have loved to set the temperature control to 65 degrees! But our parents would never let the house get down to less than 75 degrees in the summer. I personally felt that this was too hot of a temperature, however no 1 cared what I thought! Then when I went to school, I had many roommates who were freeze babies. They would complain any time I turned the air conditioning on at all! I thought I was going to sweat to death our first Spring semester of classes because I was always worrying that they were going to be too cold. I don’t think why I was so upset about it, when they obviously weren’t upset about our comfort! Now I’m married & our partner & I fight always over where the two of us will keep the temperature control set. At least with him, the two of us can reach a relatively enjoyable compromise, then he wants the A/C set at 70 degrees, I want it at 65. So the two of us decided to use our digital programmable temperature control to keep the house at an even 70 degrees year round.
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