that HVAC still runs in the store

I have heard that yearly Heating & A/C maintenance is required.

If you want your Heating & A/C plan to last longer, you need to have it professional cleaned, oiled & tightened. I have never paid for Heating & A/C maintenance because of our local grocery store. The grocery store in city is the dirtiest one in the world. There is dust along the shelves & on the floor. I don’t guess how they pass health inspections. You literally have black hands after shopping in there. The store’s Heating & A/C plan is visible & is disgusting. The device is coated in dust, dirt & spiderwebs. It looks care about it has been living in a basement for 100 years. I used to work at the store & I never saw anyone wash it. I never saw an air filter change or a professional Heating & A/C tech wash the device. 10 years later as a shopper, the Heating & A/C looks the same. Just as dirty as regularly & with no hope of cleaning in sight. If that grocery store Heating & A/C can power up every year & not fail, our Heating & A/C definitely can. That store heating & air shows how unnecessary Heating & A/C maintenance is. The Heating & A/C component hardly makes any noise either. Just a slight rumble, however quality heating & air when the store needs it. I refuse to assume that the grocery store has a special brand that can handle pounds of dirt. I assume the big secret is that Heating & A/C systems can take a lot of abuse. Yearly maintenance is more of a guideline or maybe it is a ploy to get more money.

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