The weather fluctuations around here are wreaking havoc on my HVAC system

The springtime is just not sticking around here like it’s supposed to.

After a long, hard winter, we were all ready for the weather to start heating up.

And so when we had a couple of weeks when the temperatures were rising, we were all very excited that summer was finally on the way! We turned the heating system off and cleaned out the fireplace. We were definitely getting ourselves all prepared for springtime and warm weather. We even put away all of our coats, jackets, and boots! We got the flip flops, shorts, and tank tops out of storage. We were really preparing ourselves for the sun. But then, unfortunately for us, the weather took a turn and it started cooling off again! Of course, the changes in temperature made all of us get sick with sniffly noses and stuffy heads. I don’t know if it’s allergies or what. But the cold, hot, cold, hot temperatures are very hard to deal with. Now, instead of turning the A/C on like we were hoping to do, I had to go and start our heating system back up again! We were all freezing because the spring hasn’t really sprung yet! We have an oil furnace as our main heating source. So I had to go down to the furnace room in the basement and light the pilot light for the furnace all over again. We got the house all warm and toasty again but then the stinking weather turned warm again! This is probably wreaking havoc on our poor HVAC system, not to mention what it’s doing to my sinuses.

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