Why, why, why – why does the A/C have to break now?

Things happen that can interfere with your original plans, but you have to know how to handle and modify the situation.

My wife invited our friends over for a breakfast get together, last week.

They were going to come over on a Saturday morning and then hang out for most of the day afterwards. We were getting things set up the day of, when the cooling system went out. We were both in shock because we just make sure the air conditioner was in order a few months back. There was never an issue with the cooling system up until this point. Just our luck! I called up the Heating and A/C corporation in our local area to get someone to fix the unit as soon as possible, but no one could come out until the Monday. With our friends on there way over, we couldn’t host this without a working cooling system, but we still did not want to cancel the breakfast date. Suddenly, we had an idea. It was a beautiful morning, the weather was cool and there wasn’t much humidity, so we decided to go out and to the grill we kept on the deck! My wife called up our neighbors and explained about our cooling system unit failure. She asked if they’d be ok with the cookout instead of dining in. They were more than happy with the change of plans. We ended up having a great cookout and chatting it up with our friends on into the evening. One of them even let us stay with them for the rest of the weekend to take advantage of their cooling system!

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