Dehumidifiers for our musty camp that floods

The campground that we volunteer at is a great benefit to society. We help people who come from bad homes and terrible backgrounds. The process of how we obtained the land for this adventure was a miracle, and we are very thankful that we get to do what we do. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to the land that we have. Since we live on lower land, our campus floods rapidly. In one building, in particular, it takes two HVAC units to help protect our building from permanent damage. This building is where the offices and adult hangouts are, and we have multiple air conditioners to help keep everyone comfortable. Without the air conditioners, this building becomes very muggy, and you immediately start noticing a musty smell that never seems to go away. In the hangout area, the air conditioner runs throughout the entire day, but their room barely feels cool enough to be comfortable. When it rains for a while, we have to pull out a different kind of HVAC unit. The flooding will soak all of the floors and carpets, and it creates a terrible musty smell that makes the ladies gag. In order to help prevent this, we obtained commercial dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers draw the moisture out of the air and store the water up to a limit. When the dehumidifier gets full, it drains out of a hose into a drainage area outside. Though the process is not pretty nor fun, these HVAC units help make our lowlands campground a place where we are able to serve people.

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