Finally some peace

For a few weeks now my partner and I have been walking around like zombies at work due to an extreme lack of sleep.

The main problem at hand is the way that our air conditioning system has been acting.

For reasons that we can’t figure out every night at around two in the morning out air conditioning system will start making very loud sounds that wake us up. This will continue to go on for hours on end, and by the time we need to start getting ready for work we feel as if we just pulled an all nighter. We have hired two separate HVAC repair techs to come over and try to diagnose the source of the problem ith our a/c system, but they both said the exact same thing. It’s not one specific thing that is wrong with the unit, it’s about a dozen different things because the unit is so old. They both gave us the exact same advice and that was to upgrade to a state of the art a/c unit. My partner and I have both been extremely timid to the idea of making the change at first. The reason behind this was due to the fact that we had hoped to go on a dream vacation at the end of the year, and we didn’t want to spend the money we saved on an a/c system. The way it is looking now though we are starting to learn toward swallowing our pride getting the new unit. If we keep getting such poor amounts of sleep each night for the following months, we might not be around to go on vacation in the first place!

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