No more field trips

From when I was a kid in elementary school to the present day where my oldest child is in elementary school it blows my mind just how much things have changed over the years.

  • When I was a little kid, I can still think back to all the times of getting drove back home and going on field trips on buses that didn’t have any air conditioning whatsoever! By the time I would get home I would be so sweaty that my mom would ask me if I ran home.

Last week when I went on a field trip with my daughter as a parent guardian I saw first hand that things have changed. I was prepared to get on the same old bus with no air conditioning, and instead of that, I was greeted with a wave of cool and fresh air when I got on. The bus had a state of the art air conditioning system installed that was keeping the entire bus right around seventy degrees and it stayed like that for the entire duration of the trip. I think that a/c unit might be better quality than the one we have back at home! I don’t know if my daughter is old enough to realize it but she should be thankful that she didn’t have to go to school in my day when the bus felt more similar to a sauna than anything else! I can’t complain though, because now that I know the school trips are going to be like driving in a luxury bus each time I am going to volunteer for every single trip until my kid graduates!
a/c tune up