When I was young, only the living room had an air conditioner

Long before the introduction of central air conditioning, many of us were left to our own devices outdoors, where we learned to survive without air conditioning of any sort.

We let our imaginations wander, and some of us were lucky enough to have a small creek or pond where we could cool off if it ever got warm.

My family was lucky enough to own an air conditioner, but it was a simple window air conditioner. However, most kids didn’t have an air conditioner in our neighborhood, so I was very lucky. The only downside was that the air conditioner was only in the living room. This was great whenever my parents weren’t in the house, because we would have the air conditioner and the television all to ourselves. However, when my mom was in the living room, we would have to watch the most boring television dramas that only Satan could have devised. It was better to play outside with no air conditioning than to spend time watching that garbage. With my dad, it was better because he watched sports. I could endure sports for a time with air conditioning, but eventually, I would go outside. When I grew up and purchased my own house, I remember the excitement of having an air conditioner in my living room and my bedroom. I could do whatever I wanted and always be cool. In my old house, since we only had an air conditioner in the living room, we were hot and stuffy whenever we tried to sleep in our uncooled bedrooms. I am glad that those days are over.
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