I broke my only cooling system in the move

I do not care for moving.

When I was a girl, the family moved quite often.

I counted once, as well as I know that I moved around 40 times from age 3 through fifteen. I suppose that I do not care for moving around because I moved so much back when I was a child. My husband as well as I purchased a cute little condo when both of us first got engaged, as well as I truly thought that both of us would never need to move, however our husband was soon after provided an easily wonderful new task in a city about many minutes west of where both of us were living. The pay for this new job was double that of what he was currently getting paid, as well as the minutes were a lot better as well. He simply could not resist, so both of us moved. It was quite the trip. Some young guys that helped us move accidently broke our china lodgeet which was given to myself and others by our dear departed Grandmother, so I was easily upset. Thankfully, our husband was able to repair our china lodge, although I also dropped something. I dropped our only cooling system. It broke into several sizable metal pieces. I was hoping that I would be able to glue it back together, however it did not work out. It was really too destroyed to ever task again. My child saw how sad I was about it, so he attempted to repair the cooling system himself which was so sweet, despite the fact that he was not able to repair it at all. It really does not get that moderate where both of us live, so both of us only need a working cooling system for about many months out of the year. My husband said that he would stop by the big box store after task this week as well as buy us another cooling system.


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