My air cleaner needs a serious upgrade, and soon

There is nothing I like more than having a scrub environment to task in.

I appreciate having a scrub condo because that is where I manage my work.

I built our own online sales company when I was 20 years old, as well as I have been able to grow it rather sizably. I now have several employees absolutely working beneath me, as well as it is a full time task for myself and others as well. I appreciate this job though. Because I am tasking from home, I have to make sure that our condo is cleaned up before I can get many tasks done. It is sort of a pet peeve of mine, I guess. My husband does not understand because he can do his tasks in any type of environment, although I simply cannot. I get too distracted if I do not have very clean office spaceā€¦ Not only am I distraught with the condo being clean, although I also love my air to be scrub as well. I purchased an air cleaner about many years ago when 1 of our close friends told myself and others about the benefits of having 1. She said that she once had to struggle with pollen irritations as well as getting sick all of the time, however after she got her amazing new air cleaner, she has hardly struggled with any type of sickness at all. I have not noticed any real improvements in our pollen irritations, although I do love knowing that the air I am breathing in is clean. I know I may have to go get a new air cleaner soon though because mine smells weird. I have cleaned it 100 times, as well as it still smells. I am currently looking into getting a new air cleaner.


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