Our new sectional heater is the best!

My husband as well as I tend to fight about the temperature of our family room all the time, as well as it is hilarious.

The two of us have basically made a rule that whichever one gets into bed first is allowed to set the temperature of the room.

I usually make it to bed first, so I make sure that the room is around seventy-5 degrees. If our husband gets to the bedroom first, he sets the temperature at sixty three degrees. I cannot sleep if I am cold, so I purchased myself a heated mattress pad that I use whenever our husband sets the temperature at sixty three degrees. The two of us usually keep our condo at about seventy degrees during the daytime, as well as I get cold a lot of times, so I decided to buy a section heater. I did not simply go buy the first 1 that I saw. I decided to look up what section gas furnaces had the best online reviews. To our amazement, I was at a minute hand store 1 day, as well as I found a brand new model section gas furnace still in the box. It was pretty cool. The brand was 1 of the most commanded brands on the market. Of course, I purchased it then and there, as well as I am undoubtedly impressed with how well it heats up a room. I set it in the study room where our desk is, as well as it heats the study room up to about 80 degrees. I appreciate being able to task in such a moderate room! Occasionally, I forget to switch it off before our husband gets home, as well as he gets pretty sad about it. He says that the study room feels love a hot sauna. I agree, as well as I appreciate it!



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