Some unusual noises are coming from the furnace

My husband as well as I have gotten into an odd predicament right now.

The two of us have been wanting to build our own condo from scratch for quite some time now, as well as both of us finally sold our first place in order to have enough currency to begin the building of our new 1.

The two of us were so excited, however soon after something happened that both of us did not expect. The two of us sold our first place before both of us found the land that both of us wanted for building our new condo . The two of us decided that both of us would have to end up renting for just a little while, however a buddy of a buddy heard about our situation as well as provided us her place, but she lives down south all Winter time long, so she has an empty condo that she said both of us were welcome to use. The two of us took her up on her offer, as well as both of us are now living in her house. The two of us are so thankful to be able to stay rent free, so it makes living in an undoubtedly aged condo worth it. The two of us have noticed some unusual things around the condo though. The furnace downstairs in the basement makes some easily unusual noises, and at the start, I thought that someone was down in the basement in the middle of the evening, so I made our husband get his gun as well as go check. It was no 1; it was the furnace. It makes sort of banging noises. The two of us called the owner of the house, as well as she said that it has always made that same noise. The two of us asked her if she wanted us to call a local Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C professional to take a look at it, as well as she said that it wasn’t going to be necessary. The two of us cannot wait to beginning building our new home, although I am sort of stoked to find out more creepy things about this aged house.