The car cooling system works so good now

I have gone through car trouble for the entire last year, as well as it has been quite annoying to deal with.

My wifey does not suppose a lot about car mechanics, so he has tried his level best to find skilled people that can help out myself and others repair our car for a wonderful price.

I easily love how much tasking he has performed to help myself and others get our car fixed. I had to get the transmission worked on about 6 months ago, as well as before that, I had to upgrade many of our tires, but early last week, I noticed that our cooling system was not working worth a darn in our car. I called our wifey, as well as he could not suppose that something else was going wrong with this car. At first, he said that both of us should just sell the car, however then his friend that was with him said he would take a look at the car for free. He was able to find a leak in an line, as well as he told me that he would upgrade it for free if I would buy the new line. I found a wonderful deal on a new AC hose, as well as he put it in for me. I cannot suppose the difference it made in our HVAC. I realize now that the line must have been leaking for quite some time, as well as I just did not ever notice it. I cannot suppose how cold the air blows now. I freeze myself when I am riding in our car, as well as it is so nice. My wifey is pretty impressed with how cold the air conditioning is now as well. Now that the cooling system is fixed, I easily hope that nothing else goes awry with our car.

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