The cooling system makes my husband too cold

My dear husband, Vincenzo, as well as I have been married for over seven or 8 years now. I cannot suppose how fast time flies. I appreciate him a lot, as well as I would never trade our relationship for the world, he is so kind as well as so loving. He always treats myself and others love a real princess, and because of that I love him, but even though both of us get along great, both of us are not perfect. There are a few small things that each of us do that annoy the other. I leave lights on in the house, as well as that annoys Vincenzo so much. I do not try to leave them on, although I just easily do not remember to turn them off when I exit a room. My husband says that when he gets apartment from task he will sometimes nap in the car as well as just count how many lights I have on in the house. My husband has this new habit that annoys myself and others a bit as well as that is turning off the cooling system. I am 6 months pregnant, as well as I am always super hot, so having the cooling system turned on is a must for me. My husband tends to get cold at evening, so he turns the cooling system back off which really does not bother myself and others if I am sleeping, despite the fact that he often forgets to turn it back on the next morning, so I wake up to a warm, stuffy condo which always makes myself and others so grumpy. To me, there is nothing worse than being warm when you are this pregnant. I usually rest directly in front of the cooling system as well as drink our root beer early in the morning because it is the only way that I can remain cool enough.

Cooling representative