A corporate wellness program is beneficial

I’ve always struggled to stay in shape.

No matter how hard I try to make smart decisions, I tend to cheat on my diet. This is especially a problem when I got out to eat. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a nice restaurant and ordered an entree with pasta and cheese. When I’m at work, there are often cookies, cake and donuts for everybody to snake on. People will bring in pizza to share. There always seems to be some special occasion with fattening food. I tend to indulge. I like junk food and snack in-between meals. It’s very difficult to resist. Everyone in the office has had a problem with weight gain. We all complained about soreness in our joints and a sluggish feeling. Some of my coworkers began talking about implementing a corporate wellness program. I had never heard of a corporate wellness program. This program combines physical training and nutritional counseling. It’s offered at our place of work at no charge. It is a fantastic opportunity to get into better shape. I hoped this wellness program would help me to follow better eating habits and become more active. A group of us petitioned the boss to implement a corporate wellness program. The boss saw the benefits and was immediately on board with the idea. It didn’t even take long to get everything set up. Within a month we had the corporate wellness program running. We were overwhelmed by the response of our workforce. We now have a personal trainer come to the building three times per week. Nutritional counseling is offered as a group class. Because of this, we’ve all started eating better. We now bring healthy snacks into the office. We also participate in exercise classes and fitness challenges. The personal trainer works with everybody to achieve their personal physical fitness goals. It has been great for everybody.


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