Monthly sale on new gym memberships goes stunningly well

Last month we had a sale on new gym membership fees.

I was in charge of coming up with the advertising program.

I thought it would be a good idea to lower the initial fees. I hoped it would get more people in the door. I was 100% correct and that plan worked out very well. We lowered the initial fee from $159 to $99. We also lowered the monthly gym membership fees by six dollars. On the last weekend of the month, we held a free weekend membership event. Anyone who came through the doors could enjoy free membership benefits all weekend. These free benefits included the pool, sauna, group fitness classes, and the use of our indoor track. The customers had to provide us with their email address and phone number to enjoy the free privileges. With all those email addresses and phone numbers, we can send out monthly flyers for group training classes, personal training classes, and other gym activities. During the free weekend event, we had 63 people sign up for monthly memberships. Last time we had a free member weekend, we only had 40 people sign up. This advertising program was a huge success. We will probably keep the membership fees low for the next few months. The gym never gets very busy until the weather starts to get warm. The thought of summer bikinis and swimsuits makes everyone want to look better and feel better. We always have a membership surge in the middle of April, May, and June. By mid October, the numbers start to dwindle once again.



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