Personal trainer provides motivation

I tried joining one of the local gyms but only went a couple of times. I wasn’t confident in the proper way to use the equipment and felt intimidated by the people who seemed so knowledgeable. I attempted to workout on my own but had trouble getting motivated. I treated my workout as a necessary task, much like brushing my teeth or folding the laundry. I certainly didn’t enjoy it, and I always looked for reasons to skip it. I finally met up with a personal trainer, who created a customized workout program, meal plan and overall health strategy to meet my specific needs. I used to spend my whole workout strictly running or bicycling. I’d end up with sore muscles and use this as an excuse to avoid physical activity. My personal trainer challenges me. He provides instruction, information and motivation. Working out with him is always a positive experience. He makes the most of my time and pushes me to work harder and achieve new goals. The personal trainer continually introduces new exercises to maximize results. I started out with a goal to lose weight, but have adjusted my focus to building muscle, trimming fat and staying healthy. The personal trainer incorporates strength training with cardio. I’ve learned the importance of a dedicated warm up, cool down and stretching. When I experience a plateau and stop seeing results, I don’t lose my incentive to continue. The personal trainer introduces new challenges and changes up the workout. He sets realistic and healthy fitness goals and guides me toward success. He holds me accountable by checking my progress.

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