The toilets in the locker room are not working

I am the manager for a very busy fitness center. The gym has been open for the past 10 years. The building was old when the gym moved into the space. Some things are starting to break due to excessive wear and tear. The fitness center is always filled with people . The plumbing and HVAC never get a break. Sometimes the rooms are filled with 100 people or more. The showers, sauna, and locker rooms are always crammed with people. One of the main reasons is because this fitness center is open 24 hours a day There is never any down time to repair minor problems and issues. We even have patrons at three in the morning. When things go wrong around here, it is usually a really bad and big problem. Last week, the toilets in our locker room were not working. One of the toilets was backed up and that must have caused a major plumbing problem. I called the local plumbing contractor first thing on Monday morning. He told me to stop folks from using that locker room. I immediately placed a do not enter sign on the front of the locker room door. The plumber didn’t show up until almost noon, and the locker room was closed all morning. I received a lot of angry complaints from our customers. Some folks even called the corporate center to complain about the problem. Since the locker room was closed, most people had to use the small bathrooms to change. I know it was inconvenient for everyone, but we had the plumbing problem fixed later that day.
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