A long time ago

I can remember way back when I was a little kid plus the entirely first central heating & A/C component I ever experienced, and my pop had just got a major bonus at his job plus he decided it was time to get rid of the old gas gas furnace plus window air conditioning units plus go for the then brand current concept of central heating & A/C! At this time having a central heating & A/C component was something not most people could afford because of how expensive it was.

But because of the bonus our pop got, all of us were able to invest in 1.

I remember most people in the city was amazed that all of us had central heating & A/C. There was talk flying around city that our pop got rich or something, which was not true. But that was what people thought when they seen you had a central heating & A/C component at that time. The technology of the central heating & A/C component all of us had was laughable compared to what all of us have today, but as a matter of fact, a central heating & A/C component of this nature now days would be so cheap that the bad people would really be able to afford it on yearly payments! Also, this category of a central heating & A/C component possibly would not even work with today’s thermostats, and wow! It is difficult to guess how long ago all of us are talking here! It is also showing how old I am as well.

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