Condensation leak in apartment building

I was sleeping in our bed when I abruptly started to think something on our face, but i opened our eyeah plus turned on the light.

That’s when I saw water was dripping onto our bed from the Heating, Ventilation & A/C air duct in the ceiling. My first thought was that our upstairs neighbor must have flooded their powder room again. I called the property owner in the middle of the night plus left a message then I moved our bed plus put a bucket under the drip. The next afternoon, the property owner called myself and others back plus told myself and others she had checked the upstairs apartment however found no water leak. She came to our apartment plus checked the dripping water plus then she called an Heating, Ventilation & A/C company out. Meanwhile, I went to work. I found out the cause of the leak when I got beach apartment later that day. It turns out that the a/c idea for the apartment had a condensation issue plus it was leaking water into the air duct. I was cheerful to suppose that this was only condensation that had dripped on myself and others last night, not something much worse.The property owner told myself and others that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C people had fixed the leak now plus all was good! But I can tell you all was not good. I woke up the really next night with water dripping on our face once again! Again, I called up the property owner plus again, it was the a/c. Apparently she made sure it got fixed right this time because after that incident, I did not have any more condensation dripping on our face. Thank God.
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