Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning works amazingly well

I am so fortunate to have survived the Summer with our outdated Heating and Air Conditioning. It was such a risk and one I won’t ever repeat. The heating and cooling guy who does our annual maintenance and inspection told me a few years back that I would be needing an upgrade soon. I heard him and I believed him. It’s just that funding an Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade is way, way down the list of priorities. My partner and I are fortunate to both be employed full time in positions that we more or less enjoy. However, we are genuinely far from well off. Our house is mediocre and we have never purchased a brand new car. The two of us both struggle to keep within our household budget. We make plenty of sacrifices in order for our two children to have what they need. So, throwing down thousands of dollars on an Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade was more than a financial challenge. However, we came up with a system and were lucky to have gotten one more long, hot season out of the outdated Heating and Air Conditioning. But, it was so stressful and also expensive. The antiquated Heating and Air Conditioning ran nearly consistently and required three repair visits just to get it through to the fall. Now, we are ready to go with a new model Heating and Air Conditioning method. The two of us are junking our old, inefficient, and inadequate central air system and replacing it with numerous ductless units. This will be a far more energy efficient way to heat and cool our house given its smaller square footage. So far, we have both been entirely intrigued with the new system. I’ll be interested to see how much we will save in utility cost when next Summer rolls around.


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