Entertaining the kids while staying cool and comfortable

I’m always looking for fun things for my kids to do during the summer break.

Specifically, I’m looking for indoor things we can do as a family while still taking advantage of the air conditioning.

When my son showed interest in learning to knit, I quickly signed all of the kids up for a knitting class at the craft store. The oldest two both took to it right away. The youngest found crochet to be a little more simple. all three of the kids started making scarves and the teacher was very patient with them. I sat in the back and read a book and stayed nice and cool and comfortable in the air conditioned room. The scarves had to go home for the kids to finish them. Unfortunately, I could not help them when they had questions. So the next week I sat in on the class and learned to knit too. Next week I’ll learn to crochet. This is actually a lot of fun. I love that it can be done indoors and I love that the class has climate control. My son is already looking at knitting books and talking about making little yarn animals. Those look very complex to me but I’m sure it’s something he can figure out. I bought them extra needles and hooks, yarn, counters, and tags. I’m thinking about tackling a vest myself. With a little more practice, we won’t even have to leave the house. We can all just sit around the living room knitting and crocheting under the nice cool air conditioner vent. This is so great!

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