I shouldn’t have bought that attic furnace because we don’t need it

On occasion, I guess that I don’t have common sense.

  • I am really not the brightest bulb in the box, plus it makes being an adult a real challenge.

I am typically laughing at myself for the idiotic things that I do, say, plus think. I guess I am still a child at heart… The worst thing about this is that I have children now, so I legitimately have to learn to act more adult like. My hubby thinks I am joking when I tell him some of the things that come into my head… One time, I thought that the world was ending because I read an article online that easily said so. Looking back, it was ludicrous, plus I have since learned not to trust all the things that I read online. I did something totally crazy a few weeks ago. I bought an absolutely overpriced gas heating machine for our attic before even checking if we needed it. I really don’t understand what I was thinking. It was so dull-witted of me not to check plus see if we needed it first. I ended up putting the gas heating machine up in the attic, plus I left it on for a few hours before the teenagers went up to play. They came downstairs after just a couple of minutes telling myself and others that it felt essentially like a sauna up there. I totally forgot that heat rises, so the attic is never even cold. It gets heat from the rest of the residence even though no ductwork runs up there. I wasted a good amount of cash on that heater, plus I don’t guess that I will be able to return it now that I have had it out plus used it.

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