It was high time to clean those dirty air ducts!

I recognize that many of us never entirely consider what is going on inside our ductwork.

Actually, I hardly ever consider the ductwork system at all.

I mean who does that right? Going up in my attic or going to my basement, I might notice the air ducts although I never entirely know about them otherwise. I have, come to find out that might have been a mistake all along. The two of us have been residing in this house for over 20 years. In that time, we have upgraded the Heating and Air Conditioning. That happened not quite twelve years ago. At that time, the Heating and Air Conditioning company told us that our old ductwork system was in great shape and would be fine for years. I know he was referring to their lack of structural integrity and the fact that they fit fine with the new Heating and Air Conditioning unit. It had not occurred to me that the air ducts would ever need to be cleaned. I don’t know why considering that it is not some perfectly sealed system. So, after recently going through a respiratory problem, our regular doctor advised that I make sure the air in our house is as disinfect as possible. I immediately contacted a Heating and Air Conditioning business to have them install a whole house media air cleaner. They advised me to get our air ducts cleaned and resealed first. So, they booked that appointment up with a sister business who does only duct cleaning. I was amazed by the amount of grime that came out of those ducts. It wasn’t self-explanatory to stomach when I considered that I had been breathing foul air delivered by those ducts. But, it sure is good having such disinfect air in our house these days.

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