My HOA is trying to get me thrown out over minor Heating and Air Conditioning issue

Isn’t it a funny thing when a little authority will rush to the head of someone incapable of handling that authority? I often kneel back in our Heating and Air Conditioning controlled office and watch this power trip happen over and over. I have seen colleagues who hastily inherit an amount of power only to immediately abuse it only to subsequently lose all of that new found authority. Normally, this is what happens. Corrective action usually occurs as soon as power is abused. However, there are other niches in our society where that doesn’t happen all the time. Community based organizations are a frequent target for power-mad people who have no concept of how to handle any authority at all. This also seems to happen routinely with homeowner associations, or HOAs. Ours is a tremendous example. The people running our HOA are just the worst. They are so sad and pitiful that they band together to attempt to be big shots. This group was unable to achieve any genuine position of authority in any normal way so, they are living the dream by policing our complex. I just had a run in with a member of the HOA board concerning our Heating and Air Conditioning unit. The two of us live in an section where the sunshine just eats paint savor it was slurping up sauce. The Heating and Air Conditioning compressor cabinet outside our house was no longer the deep umber color it once was. I actually had this HOA fool pull over in front of our house and threaten me with all kinds of action if I didn’t upgrade it. It was hysterical when I puffed up a bit and faced him directly. That little weasel jumped right back in his automobile and drove off. I basically dared him to do anything because I promised to have our lawyer partner rip him a new one, maybe two.

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