Putting in a fireplace to our living room

I was bequeathed a attractive historic home by our Grandmother a couple years back.

This home has been charming for our family and I really know a strong linkion to our late Grandmother by living here.

Recently, we’ve started making some substitutes to the home. The two of us have substituted the wi-fi (by adding some), the living room appliances and the decor. The two of us also substituted from a dial temperature control to a smart temperature control. With this new, programmable temperature control both of us are able to regulate the temperature while we’re away to keep our quarterly heating and cooling costs down. The last thing that I really wanted adjusted in the apartment was the fact that it was so much colder in the living room than in the other rooms of the house. The air conditioner worked just good but the heating seemed to not reach. I looked into zoned Heating plus Air Conditioning but that was out of our budget and seemed love a hassle. I did see, however, that adding a fireplace in the living room would absolutely be more affordable. In addition to that, it would look great. That living room was made for a fireplace and I’m surprised that our Grandma didn’t already have one put in. I called our Heating plus Air Conditioning provider and they offered myself and others some estimates and dates on putting in a fireplace. Soon after, there was a heating and cooling specialist at the apartment adding in that fireplace for me. The fireplace looks attractive and adds even more character to the historic home; it also, most crucially, keeps the living room nice and warm.


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