Spending regularly for Air Conditioning maintenance makes long term sense

My youngsters think me to be the most stingy and awful miser to ever live.

And, from their perspective, I get it.

I say no to their purchases a lot more than I say yep. However, I am not going to throw away funding their colleges so they can have the latest tech gadget. That’s just not going to happen. But often times I do wish that I was able to have more discretionary funds to share with them. It’s just our pay rate has not advanced at the same rate as our household costs. This is simply a fact that requires me to fully monitor our household budget at all times. There are a lot of tough decisions that our partner and I have to make concerning money. The two of us are usually combing through our expenses searching for ways to save. The Heating and Air Conditioning has been one of the big targets for us. The two of us finally got genuinely proactive about how we look at our Heating and Air Conditioning usage. For years, I just paid the bill when it arrived because that was just the price of having Heating and Air Conditioning comfort. However, as our household expenses grew, I had to revisit that sort of behavior. So, we sealed up the house tightly, programmed the control unit, put in solar shades and focused on reducing Heating and Air Conditioning bills. This worked entirely well as we saw a 20 percent savings over that first year. However, we were still having to pay to have the Heating and Air Conditioning tested on a semi-annual basis. That was not an insignificant amount of money. The two of us even considered dropping the maintenance altogether. However, after a few hours of research, we realized that would be a real mistake. Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance was worth every penny in the long term.


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