The best part of having radiant heated flooring is not having to wear shoes

I hate wearing shoes and that includes slippers, then i don’t even care about wearing socks most of the time, to tell you the truth. I just care about being barefoot, then maybe that’s because I grew up in the southern part of the country and I grew up running through the woods and the creeks with no shoes on when I was a kid, however and so while I hate wearing shoes any time of the year, I also absolutely hate having chilly feet. I suffer from chronically chilly feet and it makes our partner absolutely mad whenever I keep the temperature control turned up too high. Both of us used to fight about it all the time and he would constantly blame myself and others anytime our heating bills were too high in the winter! Last year, after a certainally chilly Winter time with a lot of extra high heating bills, our partner decided that he had enough, however he called and talked to our local heating and cooling corporation to find out what our openings were! The Heating and A/C contractor that he talked to mentioned that the people I was with and I might want to know about installing something called radiant heated flooring, then with a furnace care about radiant heated flooring, you don’t have to depend on forced air heating to keep your loft warm. Instead, the heating radiates through the floors to keep your loft nice and sizzling without any chilly spots at all. My partner knew immediately that radiant heating flooring is exactly what the people I was with and I needed to help myself and others with our chronically chilly feet! Now, I never have to worry about our feet being cold.


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