The man cave isn’t going to cost as much as I thought

My fiance, Benny, has a birthday coming up next month. I’ve been struggling to figure out what I should get him… I knew I wanted to get him something pretty special for his birthday but it’s taxing to find something that he will really like. I decided to ask a crew of his friends what they thought I should get Ben, and they said that I should turn the garage into a guy cave for Benny. Then they could all watch athletic shows and drink together. This is a good idea! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, since Benny has been dropping hints about a guy cave for some time now. I knew that the first thing I should do would be to call a local HVAC company to see about getting HVAC routed from the apartment into the garage. I knew this would cost quite a bit for me but I needed a quote to see just how much. The HVAC company came out and then I was pleasantly surprised at the price tag for routing some of the air duct into the garage. It’s not half as much as I thought it would be. So I picked a date when I knew Ben would be gone from home all day to have them come out to get all the work done. And so now I just need to get carpeting, paint, a big couch and a big TV. I think that if there’s any money left over after that, I might put in a bar or put in some sports memorabilia… Since the HVAC work is going to be so much less than I thought, I don’t suppose this will be an issue.



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