We need to get our furnace fixed

I am so sick of having heating issues in our house. It is really annoying to have to worry if your furnace is going to work each day or not. I wake up every single morning and quickly jump out of bed to check and see if the furnace shuts itself off during the night or not. We live way up north, so it is honestly cold for most of the year. We only have about four months where we don’t use the heat at all. Sometimes, it is even less than four months that we go without using our furnace. I used to say that I love living in a cooler climate, but lately, it has been quite hard. I have found myself wanting to move to a warmer climate. I daydream about living in a tropical climate although I know that I would probably die of a heat stroke if I lived somewhere that warm. If we ever can afford to get our furnace fixed, it probably won’t be as bad. We tried to get it fixed a few years ago, but it ended turning into quite a big mess. We hired someone that was a retired HVAC technician. We were told that he was a great guy, but he ended up stealing from us and never actually fixing our furnace. We have tried to save up since then, but we have had to spend our savings on other more urgent emergencies. We have close to enough in savings now, so if nothing else goes wrong, we should be able to get our furnace fixed soon.


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