Working on the weekend

I work as a certified heating and cooling specialist, however not just any outdated heating and cooling specialist… I am recognizable ly an emergency heating and worker! By being an emergency heating and worker I regularly almost have to work on weekends, but that is when most emergency Heating in addition to A/C calls come in.

The heating and cooling dealer that I work for did not have any occasions for a standard heating and specialist when I got this task, so this is where I ended up.

I prefer it because I can be an independent Heating in addition to A/C dealer during the week. Then I close my Heating in addition to A/C business on weekends to work for the local heating and cooling dealer doing emergency Heating in addition to A/C work. It pays genuinely well too because of it being on the weekend, and sometimes the odd hours I have to go and repair someone’s central heating and method unit! Sometimes I even have to go in the middle of the evening if it’s during the time of the year when there is extreme weather and someone’s heat and products fail on them. Those calls I genuinely am not fond of because I may be sleeping and have to go get dressed and go out in the chilly chilly or super tepid heat out of a deep sleep. But again, because the pay is good, I will regularly suck it up and deal with it. I do have some weekends off when another emergency Heating in addition to A/C specialist takes over.


Cooling workman