A little problem grew worse

I can remember back when I was a little kid and I ended up failing a test.

Since I had done so bad my teacher requested that I take the test back and have my mom look at the test and sign it as proof, but instead of doing that I ended up forging her signature.

This led to a simple problem to turn into me getting in loads of trouble and grounded for the first two weeks of the summer. What I am trying to say is that letting small problems turn into big ones is never a good idea, but when you are an adult these problems only become bigger and more expensive. A good example of this would be the air conditioning unit in my home that I recently had to replace thanks to not keeping up with yearly maintenance. For months I had known that I had been slacking on when it came to HVAC repair but I didn’t want to deal with the expense of hiring a professional. I am also a very introverted person who can’t stand having to talk on the phone. Well, eventually my air conditioning unit broke down for good in the middle of the night and instead of having a certified HVAC repair tech come out and fix it up for a few hundred dollars I am now looking at having to pay an upwards of eight to ten thousand dollars to get working air conditioning back in my home. I always knew that just sucking it up and going through the process of having my HVAC troubles handled three months ago would be worth it but now it’s too late. Learn from someone like me and don’t put off getting annual HVAC service check ups.


Cooling workman