A radical landscape company for a radical job

My wife is not able to get out and about like she used it.

There was an accident a few years ago that busted up one of her hips pretty bad.

She is healed, and can get around just fine, but she can’t ever go hiking and rock climbing and exploring like she used to. This is pretty upsetting for such an outdoorsy person, so wanted to do something around our property to make her feel more comfortable. The only problem is that I didn’t know where to start, so I had to call for some expert advice. The first thing I wanted to get was vinyl privacy fencing around the entire property, to block out the rest of the world. Based on what I’ve read, vinyl privacy fencing will be the best for shutting out ambient noise, as well as light. Once I get the fencing installed, then I can focus on renovating the landscape of the ground. I want a lot of bamboo, I want flower beds, I want a koi pond surrounded by saplings, so I know I will need a very special landscape design company to work with me. I called around to every listed company, but got nowhere, until I heard about a new landscaping design company that operated “off the grid.” They had no website, didn’t even have a phone, and were a group of green warrior hippie types that did radical landscaping jobs to pay for their pot. They might have been weirdos, but they were the perfect choice for my radical landscaping job.



Railing Installation