Air conditioning is necessary in southern location

I grew up in an area with every possible season.

We experienced hot Summers, damp fall weather, snowy Winter seasons, & heavy storms in Springtime.

I was accustomed to setting my thermostat based on the change of seasons. I never had a problem with the temperature extremes, & although the weather was unpredictable, it was never too much of anything. This past year, my husband accepted a promotion at work that required us to relocate. We moved to an area in the extreme south where it rarely, if ever snows. I knew that this move would come with some big changes, but was not aware of how drastic these changes would be. We ended up moving in the early part of August, which was not the best time of year to move due to the weather conditions. I will never forget how incredibly hot and humid the day of our move was. Some of our family members came along to help us with the move, but it was still a long and tiring job to carry all of our belongings and furnishings inside the new house. We were reluctant to run the air conditioner because of constantly opening the door to the outside. However, I was satisfied that the A/C provided a huge relief from the extreme heat we were enduring. We took ten-minute breaks and sat in front of the air conditioner vents drinking ice water. When we put in an offer on the home, we had the HVAC system serviced and the thermostat replaced. We invested in a smart thermostat, so that we can control the temperature from our iPhones. Although moving boxes and heavy furniture all day was horrible because of the heat, stepping inside to take a break was a relief. I thought I understood the importance of effective air conditioning but I am now so much more aware of the impact of it.



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