Air filters are the reason for aggravated allergy symptoms.

My wife suffers from severe allergies & asthma.

  • She normally keeps an inhaler close by, especially during the spring, when it’s peak allergen season.

We had some problems with air quality a few years ago, when we moved into our new home. This was shortly after we had gone on our honeymoon out of the country, & we assumed her symptoms were related to travel. However, after seeing her doctor twice & completing treatment, she still was not feeling well. It seemed as if her symptoms worsened whenever she spent any length of time at home. She tried all kinds of things to help alleviate her symptoms. She followed everything the doctor ordered, got extra hours of sleep and took vitamins. While she was suffering from headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes and congestion, my sister suggested we should check the air filter in our HVAC system. This was our first time as homeowners, so the upkeep of a Heating and A/C system was unfamiliar to us. I was not sure how to even locate the Heating and A/C filters. I was appalled when I saw what our filter looked like. It was totally clogged with dust and debris. The former owners of the house must have not been aware of the need to replace air filters regularly. I contacted a local HVAC contractor to check out the heating and cooling system. They completed a full cleaning of the components and suggested the best air filter to achieve the best air quality. We now change the filters in the heating and cooling system every month and we enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan. This has helped to improve my wife’s problems with allergy and asthma symptoms.



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